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毛主席说: 不打无准备之仗

长久以来,家长和学生在没有任何准备的情况下, 在听完高中所提供的最基本的大学助学金填表讲座 (Financial aid night)后, 家长甚至是高中生本人就匆忙填表, 结果可想而之。

在没有任何准备的情况下, 只有低收入, 低资产的家庭才能得到大学助学金。


















Sample of a Harvard Financial Aid Offer

Sample of U Penn Financial Aid Offer

Sample of Santa Clara U. Financial Aid Offer

Sample of UCLA Financial Aid Offer

High income family: Will pay much less taxes!!!

High income family: Will pay much less taxes!!!

Parents, which color zone belongs to your family?
There are different strategies to each color zone!!!

Raj Kumar, Radio Host








长久以来,家长和学生在没有任何准备的情况下, 在听完高中所提供的最基本的填表讲座后, 家长甚至是高中生本人就匆忙填表, 结果可想而之。只有低收入, 低资产的家庭得到资助。而其它大多数家庭自付额EFC会非常高。这也就等于告诉教育部和大学您们家可以支付全额的大学费用, 错失本该属于您的成千上万的大学教育资助。更糟的是, 这些没有得到资助的家长会误认为自已富有, 而放弃以后的申请。另外,当同事和朋友们向他们请教大学资助问题时,他们好心的回答通常是“哎,不要浪费时间去申请 了。”

所以请记住,申请大学资助,选择大学以及如何支付您的自付额, 不是像您的朋友告诉您的那么简单。

只有及早规划, 合法,合理地调整, 您才能获得最多的大学教育资助和税务优惠 

In theory, financial aid funds are supposed to go to those who need the money the most. In reality, financial aid dollars flow to those students and families who best understand how the financial aid process works. Here are some key points to remember:

* Don't forget. Higher education in America is big business. The college is trying to get you to pay the most money; but you are trying to pay the least amount. It can be very costly to assume that the college is going to show you how to get the most aid. As a college financial aid administrator quoted in the New York Times once said, "Parents and students sometimes forget that we work for the school, not for them." Indeed, articles in national publications have reported that a majority of private colleges are now hiring consultants and using various criteria to determine the smallest amount of aid they need to give in order to get students to attend their school. If you are just going to fill out the aid forms and then sit back and hope for the best, you're likely to be shocked and disappointed when the financial aid offers arrive in the mail.

* Don't initially rule out any school as being too expensive. The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive is based on the relationship between two items: the "cost of attendance" and the "family contribution". The cost of attendance represents the sum of tuition and fees, room and board, books, transportation, and an allowance for personal expenses. The family contribution is the amount of money the college expects from the family for the student's education in a particular year. If the cost of attendance is greater than the family contribution, you have demonstrated "need" and are eligible for financial aid. So in theory once the family contribution is determined, the greater the cost of the school the more aid you are eligible to receive.

* Plan ahead.
Just like your tax return, eligibility for financial aid is based on the student's junior year. To increase your chances of getting the most aid, if appropriate, make the necessary changes to lower your family contribution. Certain reductions in discretionary income items could increase your "need". You should also consider making the appropriate changes to assets, debts, certain expense items...

* Keep on top of the aid process. Financial aid doesn't just happen. You get rewarded for paying attention to details and utilizing a proactive approach to the entire aid process.

* Concentrate on the big money. The federal government, the state governments and the colleges themselves award the bulk of financial aid funds. Scholarships that are awarded by corporations, foundations, community groups and other organizations represent only a tiny piece of the financial aid pie. Unfortunately, many families mistakenly concentrate their time and energies pursuing those " little known scholarships" that supposedly go unclaimed each year.

Is the high cost of college causing you to lose sleep? I can show you….

"How to Get Thousands of Dollars of FREE Money For College…Regardless of Your Income and Asset Level or How Good of a Student You Have"

My name is Michael Chen, College Financial Aid and College Tax Specialist /大学教育资助& 大学税务专家.

If you are the parent of a child who plans on attending a four year state or private college, I’ve got a special free workshop just for you called "How to avoid costly mistakes and get the inside story of how to work the system."

This free Workshop will reveal astonishing ways to beat the high cost of college that your high school guidance counselor and the colleges aren’t telling you—but, smart parents across the country are used to paying almost nothing for college. In fact, hundreds who have attended my seminars and read my information have discovered new secrets and strategies to send their children to schools they never thought they could afford.

I will stun you with the following information:

The 5 greatest myths about planning for college—and why listening to other parents or a guidance counselor will cost you big time.
How to double, or in some cases triple, your eligibility for FREE grant money.

How even millionaires and parents making a good six figure income are getting tons of free grant money, and how you can too!

Why your child’s guidance counselor is the worst source of information on college planning, and where to go to get the truth.

How to get the colleges to practically line up and beg your student to come to their school.The amazing way some parents put their kids through college, and end up in better financial shape than when they started—even though they hadn’t saved a nickel for school.

The ONE single mistake 91% of all parents make that costs them thousands….and they don’t even realize it. PLUS, how YOU can avoid making the same mistake.

What to do right now if you haven’t saved a single dime for college; or, what to do if you did save money for school----but…… it’s not enough, you lost it all in the market, or you had to spend it somewhere else. BONUS: How NOT to be punished if you did save enough for college-- don’t lose out because you were thrifty!

How to obtain a "tax scholarship" to pay for ALL of your tuition—right from the IRS. 100% legal, but not one in 1000 accountants knows how to get it!

Why following the advice of an accountant or financial planner can cost you buckets of free money…AND, why you need to avoid the new college savings plans like the plague! Believe me, what you don’t know on this CAN cost you a boatload.

NOTE: If you think you make too much money to get any aid (or that’s what you’ve been told), you absolutely MUST get this information to learn the shocking truth about who really DOES get money for college. There really is hope!

Having this information is like having a flashlight to explore a pitch-black cave, while every other parent stumbles through blindly.



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