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Remote Parents
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Dear Remote Parents,
If you live outside of San Francisco-Bay Area and Los Angeles area and can not attend our three-hour College FinAid seminar. 
First of all, Please follow below instruction:
if you speak or understand Chinese,
Please go to another page of our website:  
Please watch the 30 minutes TV interview with financial aid specialist Michael Chen,
2009年7月19日星期日 周濼訪問
大學教育資助及稅務專家 Michael Chen
You may watch more TV interviews (in Chinese) as well.
If you don't speak Chinese, then please go to link:
to listen to 66 minutes Audio presentation in English.  You need following information to access the audio presentation.

Login email address:
password: 9962002

In addition to these links, our website: offer much more useful and important information.
Secondly, after you watched our Chinese TV interviews and/or listened to our one-hour English presentation and if you like our services and want to talk with Michael Chen, then please

1. Fax over your typical/normal year federal income 1040 tax return (first 20 pages) to us at 1.408.904.7374
    We need $168 to review your case, you can pay by credit card (Non refundable)
2. In the cover page, please provide us your name, phone number and email address, and a brief discription of your special family situations, such as layoff, medical bills, divorce situation, etc....., then fax to us.
3. We will call you to discuss your case, how much Financial Aid your family can get.
4. If we accept your case, we guarantee that you can get FinAid.
5. The $168 charge is for evaluation of your case and up to 1 hr consultation, it is a non-refundable one-time-only charge.
假如你喜欢我们服务, 就:
1. 传真给我们你们家最近一年的国税报表,
我们需要$168来审阅你的文件  并做咨询。你可以使用信用卡来支付此费用
2. 写下你特有的家庭状况,尤其是裁员,医药费,离婚等,同样传真至  上述号码,并请在首页留下联系人姓名,电话号码,电子邮件地址
3. 我们将会与你联系,并且讨论以你现在的情况能拿到多少的助学金
4. 一旦我们接受了你的事例,我们可以保证你能够拿到属于你的助学金
5. $168 用作一小时评估及咨询费用,不能退还。
Best Regards,
Mastermind College Funding Group


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