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Our mission is to advise parents of college-bound high school students on all phases of college financial planning. Mastermind College Funding Group offers a unique & invaluable service in which we show parents how to make college more affordable by managing the financial aid process on their behalf, working closely with them to identify all of the grants, loans, & scholarships available, and submitting the myriad of forms and paperwork that are associated with this process. Basically, we deliver PEACE OF MIND in knowing that everything will be done 100% accurately and on time, and that you will learn every strategy that is out there to lower your family's out-of-pocket college costs as much as legally possible! By working with us, you will ALWAYS have someone on your side who can answer your questions when you want them answered.

In addition, about 90% of those who qualify for need-based aid still have a significant Family Contribution that must come out of their pocket, plus there are those who do not qualify for aid and must totally pay for college themselves. We teach these parents how to pay for college on a tax favored basis, showing them where the best sources for money are, how to choose a college to get the best chance of funding with the least amount of loans, how to negotiate with a college to get the best financial aid package, and how to set up their personal finances to be eligible for significantly more aid than they ever thought possible along with much, much, more.

We guarantee we will not mislead you or insult you with phony guarantees. Rather, we guarantee to do all the required work stated on time and accurately. We guarantee to put our expertise to work for you.


· Provide College Planning Checklist With All Timelines & Deadlines To Be Aware Of Which is Updated Electronically & E-Mailed Every Time Something Is Completed And/Or Missing

· Calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

· Provide Proprietary Tax Scholarship Information

· Provide Strategies That Legally Protect Your Savings and Retirement Accounts From the Financial Aid Formulas.

· Provide Strategies on How to Possibly Use Your Home Equity so that it Helps, Rather Than Hurts You in the Financial Aid Formulas

· Provide Tax-Efficient Strategies to Help Keep Financial Goals in Line along with Cash Flow Strategies for College Years & Beyond

· Provide Recommendations for the Best Way to Pay Your Share of College Costs

· Provide Planning Recommendations to Reduce EFC

· Provide Complete Financial Overview on College, Taxes, Cash Flow, Retirement and Develop a Plan to Improve Each of These Areas

· Complete Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

· Register Your Student For The CSS / Profile

· Complete CSS / Profile & All Supporting Paperwork

· Complete Any Additional Forms Required By The Individual Schools

· Confirm The Accuracy Of The Student Aid Report (SAR)

· Make Any Necessary Adjustments To The SAR

· Complete All Stafford Loan, PLUS Loan, and Private Loan Applications

· Protection From Being Overlooked for Grants, Scholarships or Loans Due to Mistakes in Financial Aid Forms

· Spreadsheet Up To 3 Award Letters & Determine If Your Offer Was Fair

· Provide Tested Negotiation Letters If You Were Under-Awarded


· DISCOVER:  Career / Interest / Talent Search

· Student Positioning Assessment

· Personality Profile Evaluation

· Advanced Search Of Careers, Majors & Studies Based On Specific Student Interests

· Innovative College Search Based On Demographics & Personalized Areas Of Importance




Comprehensive Career Planning
Interests, Abilities and Work Satisfaction SUGGEST Career Areas O, P

Comprehensive Career Planning
Four directions, Six Career Areaes



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