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========= My Client Testimonials =见证感言==========​


Michael: My daughter just  received email; the new financial aid seems to be better. thanks for your help

Total FinAid $35,904

Grants: $27,404 even with your income higher than last year

thanks for your 耐心 and trust


Congratulations !

Michael  and Jessica: See below. Well done!! Thank you Very much. 

total $56,055
Grants: 50,555


Congratulations !



Congratulations ! 

Total Grants: 61,264


Michael, 您早, 很高興的通知您,我女兒已經拿到學校的助學金,這次要不是您的幫忙肯定得不到,還是要請專家協助,我和先生萬分的感謝。





Michael ,很高兴今天拿到了,虽然过程是一波三折的,但总算是有个好的结果!所以,特别告诉你, 并且谢谢你!​



What parents had to say about our workshops:

"Extremely informative! We learned a lot of information that we would otherwise not have known about!" -Sarah

"Very glad I attended! Lots of information and happy to see it wasn't a sales pitch." -Alison

"I never knew some of these laws and strategies existed. Very helpful." -Al

"I never would have thought a private university could cost less than a public school. Very good examples." -Jennifer

"Well worth spending the time to attend." -Robert

Here's what our clients are saying...

"Wish I had all of this info with my first child. - Bob & Linda M.

"People are very professional & helpful, especially for the first time parents of college kids. Attentive to getting back to us."

"Ability to look at the full picture of our situation and provide good alternatives." -Ed & Vilija K.

"I would refer Mastemind College Funding services to anyone who has a college-bound student! They educated me on how the financial-aid system really works and helped lower my Family Contribution by over $7,500 a year! I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t meet them." -Susan W., Cupertino

"Through working with Mastermind, they were able to use strategies to reduce my Family Contribution by over 60%! They showed me how I can have control over my assets without locking them up and at the same time, position myself to qualify for a ton of FREE need-based aid! I thought it was too good to be true until my son got his award letter from Fordham and the offer was actually $2000 BETTER than they thought it would be. Thanks again for all of your help!" -Ken Z., Palo Alto

"Michael dramatically changed my outlook on how I was going to pay for college. I make an extremely good living but definitely don’t feel rich by any means. They showed me how I could pay for school without it affecting my cash flow and am still on pace to retire when I want to and actually pay off my house faster than I had ever dreamed possible! Thanks!" -Mark Z., Saratoga

"Before I met Mastermind College Funding, I figured I would have to incur $200,000+ of debt in order to send my 2 children to good college. My wife and I thought that even though they had the grades to get into these top colleges, we would probably be forced to send them to a state school. Michael showed me that couldn’t be farther from the truth. After they were done analyzing our situation and negotiating with the schools, the top college actually ended up costing me $2,500 less per year then UCs was!!! Thanks" -Bruce H., San Jose

"When I first decided to go to this Workshop, I was more than skeptical. My husband decided we had nothing to lose so we went. Wow! I don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t attend! I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason and this workshop came into our lives at the right time for a reason. They took all the hassles off our plate and really made our son’s education a reality. Thank you so much." -Karen L., Fremont

"I first thought that College Funding Solutions wasn’t going to be able to help me and my family. I own a rather large business so I have a significant net worth. They showed me strategies to save the money I had saved and how to pay for college on a very tax-favored basis. I brought my accountant to our consultation and he was so impressed with their solutions that he’s been referring all of his clients to them ever since. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to seeing you guys grow even larger." -Ken Y., Satatoga

"The perceived expertise provided in available funding from colleges & how to maximize for me and my family. Advice provided on how to position oneself to maximize need. Perceived ability to negotiate funding with colleges." - Marc T.

"The knowledge that the FAFSA would be completed and filed correctly and timely to maximize aid benefits." - Jeff & Kathy C.

"Very professional, yet friendly treatment. Accomodating of our time constraints. Always make yourself available for questions & checking on how things are going for us." - Kevin & Virginia C

"Forms filled out properly the first time. Helped with financial awareness and guided us to a reasonable solution."

"The knowledge & expertise with the entire financial aid process."

"Consultants are not pushy. Atmosphere is relaxed and all questions get answered with straight talk."

"Getting a better understanding about financing a college education."

"Helped us rearrange our finances for college."

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